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It is about sensing the happiness and grace of the day and making  images that are themselves happy and graceful, joyful and elegant.

About me

I used to think of myself as a wedding photographer but somewhere along the road I realized that for some, maybe even most people, a wedding is really only the beginning .  There are memories and milestones happening all the time.  So rather than saying I specialize in weddings in some 

swank tone...I'm just saying, I'm in for the long haul... the life stories.

I can't tell you what it is that makes me the right choice for you and your memories but I can tell you this.  I am happy, off-beat, easy-going, whimsical,  almost fearless and definitely fun.  I like thinking outside the box, coming up with ways to keep this adventure fun for all...and show off each client's uniqueness.  My biggest priority is making sure anyone...nope, wait... I mean everyone I photograph feels kick ass and amazing...that's how we are gonna make the magic together.  

Let's get a cup of something hot or a glass of something cold and you can check it all  out... I'll buy!


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