Story Art

It is about sensing the happiness and grace of the day and making  images that are themselves happy and graceful, joyful and elegant.
It is so easy to be overwhelmed by all the possibilities...all the imagery...even Pintrest, your bff for ideas, can betray you into thinking that your wedding has to be ready for pinning.  It doesn't. 
Your wedding only needs to reflect the happiness you already feel about your life...your future...your other half.  You are going to be excited, and anxious and absolutely glowing with promise. 
And someday, when the cake is gone, the decorations are stored away or forgotten
and your life is perfectly imperfect, you'll remember that day.  The day when time went so fast it was a blur, when you looked at a beautifully set table but weren't hungry and you know there were peonies in the bouquet but you can't remember the exact shade, the day that you felt amazing and all eyes were on you. 
Turning the pages of your life should be joyful and that's what I capture.  The joy...the bliss... the beauty.  As a wedding photographer it's my job to make those moments come to life, days, weeks and years down the road.  To capture the essence of your life with imagery that is dear to your heart.
Let's get together and talk about the possibilities... 

Who I Am  

"If you're able to be yourself, then you have no competition."



I love photography...every bit of it.  I will never know all there is to know about photography  but that won't keep me from trying to learn it.  I Love Happiness...every minute of it.  I will never know all the happiness there is to know but that will never stop me from looking for it.  Photography makes me happy. 


How I Work

"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work."


Loving your job makes your job so much easier to do.  When I shoot a wedding, I want to capture every detail.  I don't want to miss a thing.  I show up early and I stay late.  I bring extra tissues for your mother and i have encouraging words for your dad.  I  am a graduate of "Bustle Bootcamp" and I can Open a bottle of champagne without getting anyone wet.   I can be where i'm needed and I'm always there with my camera.

What I Do

Do what you love, love what you do, and with all your heart, give yourself to it.”  


Weddings are amazing!  there is nothing like the excitement and promise of a wedding.  Seeing love manifested all around  makes me want to savor that happiness for as long as possible.  That's why i have a camera.  I strive to capture the wonder, the love, the absolute Joy that makes a wedding day like no other.  I share that happiness with pictures.




What I Believe

"Love is love"


There is nothing i can possibly add to that.  Love is all there is...




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I can't wait to meet you!


34 Chenango Street, Binghamton, NY  13901




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